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Boeing has solved some of the most complicated problems in aerospace, defense and space, designing products that protect and connect people around the world. We offer some of that same technology through licensing to help other companies accelerate innovation and development.

Over the last century, Boeing has developed a diverse technology portfolio that airlines, the U.S. Space program, and global militaries depend on. These technologies can be applied in new and innovative ways to help companies in many industries gain a competitive edge. By leveraging these technologies, businesses can get their ideas to market faster and at less cost.

Some examples of the technology areas we offer are:

•             Composites and materials

•             Imaging, mapping, location

•             Manufacturing

•             Energy

•             Mobile communications

•             Testing and evaluation

•             Data management

•             Sensors

Boeing is committed to technology leadership and expanding possibilities for human life in ways not yet imagined.  Put 100 years of industry-leading innovation to work for you.

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