Biological Health Hazard Portfolio

Boeing offers biological health hazard detection, prevention and decontamination technologies that support environmental safety. The portfolio will help public and private entities address dangers that can harm economic activity, travel and public health. Specifically, licensees can benefit from:


  • Mature, complementary technologies in biological health hazard management.


  • Technology that can operate locally or over a network.


  • Rapid identification of hazards and quick decontamination response.


  • Fixed, temporary or mobile installations.


  • Flexible sensors that can simultaneously target different pathogens.


  • Protection against both air and surface based hazards.


  • System compatibility with off-the-shelf components.


  • Sensor calibration for system implementation in different environments.


The portfolio is suitable for airplanes, buses, convention centers, cruise lines, emergency response, hotels, rail transport, shipping containers and sports stadiums. Licensees can implement the Boeing technology as comprehensive systems or as components to complement existing systems.


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