Composites with Complex Geometries

New composite applications often require adoption of complex geometries to meet novel structural demands. Boeing offers innovative processes-tooling in continuous compression molding for thermoplastic composites. Our technology, developed for aerospace, can also help solve structural needs in industries like ground transportation, infrastructure, marine and wind energy. Licensees can leverage composite structures with:


Special Capabilities

•Fabrication enables complex geometries (tailored thickness or curvature)

•Capability to integrate metal fittings into laminate composite structures

•Ability to consolidate thermoplastic composite structures having closed cross-sections without loss of structural definition



•Flexible tooling ensures even pressure distribution over materials to ensure build quality

•Reduction in fiber distortion, wrinkles, porosities and internal voids for finished objects


Cost and Efficiency

•Low cost, rapid, automated method off fabricating thermoplastic composites

•Continuous fabrication eliminates the need for inefficient feeding of discrete lengths of material, thereby curbing material waste

•Object families w/ similar features can be made from a single die with fixed size and shape; thereby cutting down on fabrication time


By licensing Boeing complex geometry composite technologies, firms can explore the full potential of high performance, lightweight, cost efficient and materials efficient composite fabrication to offer more value to their customers.

Trade secrets and technology details available under NDA.


Disclaimer: The technology is available for license, not for sale; nor are underlying patents available for sale.


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