Non-Destructive Testing

Boeing has a wide range of non-destructive testing (NDT) technology that can help cut manpower cost, increase productivity and safety, and add new capability for challenging NDT projects.

The portfolio includes remote and semi-autonomous mechanisms developed to meet the challenges of testing large structures with complex geometries and in limited-access situations. These mechanisms can operate with variety of interchangeable sensors.

Boeing NDT technology areas include ultrasonic, radiographic, electromagnetic, laser and imaging technologies; setting the company among NDT industry leaders. 

Original equipment manufacturers, service firms and companies in industries like automotive, construction, energy, industrial, marine and transportation infrastructure could benefit from Boeing’s wide variety of competitive NDT technology solutions.

.Sub-NDT Domain                              Product Line Example

Remote, Automated, Robotic:           ROVER - Holonomic Motion Vehicle for Travel on Non-Level Surfaces               

Ultrasonic:                                            Ultrasonic Thermography Inspection Method and Apparatus

Radiographic:                                       Portable X-ray Backscattering Imaging Systems

Electromagnetic:                                 Low Profile Vision System for Remote X-ray Inspection

Laser:                                                    Local Positioning System

                                                               Beam Directed Motion Control System

Infrared:                                               Infrared Crack Detection Apparatus and Method

Visual:                                                   Blunt Impact Indicator Tape and Method

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