Resin Infusion

Boeing Resin Infusion technology can help companies shorten the composite manufacturing time, use less material and make a lighter and stronger product.

Boeing has made advancements in resin infusion processes, developing techniques which can:

  • manufacture curved and contoured reinforced composite structures

  • increase the strength of the manufactured elements

  • reduce the weight of the manufactured elements

  • improve the evacuation process

  • improve consistency of the infusion

  • require less resin to infuse materials

  • recycle and reuse materials

  • combine processes for shorter manufacturing times

Other advancements include improved methods for molding larger composite parts and structures as a one-piece composite.

Boeing’s resin infusion technology could benefit companies in resin and composite manufacturing, especially those in high-volume production, such as automotive, wind blades, sporting equipment and marine vehicles fabrication.

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