Thermal Management

For many industries, thermal runaway is a consumer safety and product functionality concern that can pose obstacles to technology adoption. Effective thermal management is essential wherever there is substantial heat generation, including: electric cars, data centers, grid and renewable energy storage, industrial machinery and consumer electronics.

Boeing offers revolutionary thermal management technologies with advanced composite and meta-materials that can help absorb and control the directional flow of heat. The solutions prevent the combination of heat from multiple sources that can lead to thermal runaway. Active ventilation and control systems further help manage increasing temperatures. To optimize the design, implementation and maintenance of our thermal management solutions, Boeing offers technologies that help map and monitor the thermal profile of hot environments.

The solutions are scalable, and either already in-service, or are part of ground-breaking development at Boeing. Licensees can push innovation to its limits while safeguarding consumers and products with Boeing thermal management solutions.

The technology  is available for license, not for sale; nor are underlying patents available for sale. The technology is mid-high maturity, with some already in-service.

Trade secrets and technology details available under NDA.


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