Location Based Services

In principle the user can provide their preferred routes and services to an online platform that will associate user profile to a mobile device.

Brief Technology Summary

This particular package offers the following technology:

  • Location dependent services provision method for mobile subscriber of wireless communication network, involves assigning predetermined geographical zone to application server by a management device.
  • Control method for recording location data relating to a user, for example by use of mobile phone data, so that centrally stored data can be subsequently statistically evaluated and used as a basis for controlling further program flows. Receiving movement information of a user.
  • All the information stored and the user can predefine the subsequent services that can be served to them based on their location or the route to be taken.

Competitive advantages:

  • It offers a predictive location based services solution.
  • Allows for the user to tailor their experience by predefining their routes and preferences.




Method for controlling digitally storable and predefinable events on a computer system

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Method, mobile communication systems and mobile terminal for providing location dependent services

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Timestamp: 28. Nov. 2015



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