MyID – Multiple numbers on your mobile phone

Sometimes you need multiple phone numbers for different purposes

  • One for private calls and one for business calls
  • Giving unknown people your additional mobile number instead of your main number
  • Use a temporary number in internet business or for social networking

With MyID you can have more than one number on your mobile

  • no need to switch SIM cards
  • no need to swap phones


Keep your main mobile phone number

  • for people you trust
  • I feel uneasy when giving my mobile number to someone I do not really know
  • I might get unwanted phone calls or spam messages
  • With MyID I can protect my privacy – the called party only sees the number I want

MyID works for everybody

  • On smartphones
  • Classic phones
  • With all SIM cards

Convenient usage

  • Serving in- & outbound voice & messaging
  • On smartphones an Android app allows convenient usage
  • On classic phones a prefix is used as identifier for in- & outbound calling
  • MyID number is instantly available and  cancelable by one click/one SMS



Method for the provision and allocation of call numbers in a telecommunication network

US7013132.B2, WO03024074.B1, EP1425899.B1

AT;BG;CZ;DE;ES;FR;GB;GR;IT;NL;RU;SK;US (Active countries)

2001 (Priority year)


Timestamp: 16. Oct. 2015


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