New Patent Offering – Navigation Portfolio owned by Deutsche Telekom AG (via Innovative Auctions)

New Patent Offering – Navigation Portfolio owned by Deutsche Telekom AG (via Innovative Auctions)

Summary:  Deutsche Telekom AG is offering for sale a comprehensive portfolio of patents related to smart vehicle/navigation systems. The portfolio will be offered exclusively through a trusted intermediary, Innovative Auctions (IA), in an online auction process carefully designed to preserve bidder anonymity and to ensure that the seller concludes the transaction. The offering process is summarized below and described more thoroughly in the offering materials.

Timing: The online auction is targeted to take place in early Dec. 2020. Buyers will be able to submit their bids for ownership of the portfolio securely and confidentially online directly into the auction system.

Offering Highlights –
The patents in the portfolio originated with T-Systems Traffic GmbH, a subsidiary of DT that was bought by Navteq in January 2009. In 2011, Navteq became part of Nokia's new Location & Commerce business unit, which was continued as HERE. In 2015, HERE was sold to a consortium of Audi AG, BMW Group and Daimler AG.

Comprising a total of 21 families (with a total of 168 active patents), the portfolio includes:

  1. Traffic detection system (EP2224408.B1; Active authorities: DE, FR, GB; Anticipated expiration: October 17, 2027)

  2. Method to detect a traffic situation (EP1262934.B1; Active authorities: AT, CH, DE, ES, FR, GB, IT, NL; Anticipated expiration: April 17, 2022)

The patents sought to address issues with traffic detection and forecasting traffic in vehicle navigation. The patents established a traffic detection system and methods to detect, determine and predict traffic situations by using real-time trip data from a variety of road users, i.e., positions and speeds of motor vehicles, traffic flow, etc. and a method that provides forecasts concerning the traffic volume to be expected within certain route segments at certain times.

The Portfolio –

  • A spreadsheet containing the patent listing is attached

  • 21 families comprised of 168 active patents, 20 families including active DE family member, and 12 inactive patents (granted or lapsed patents based on DE priority applications not counted)

  • Approximately 4.5 years average lifespan

  • Few encumbrances exist; Seller desires a grant-back license (available to prospective bidders under NDA via auction Data Room)

  • Seller has evidence of use (EoU) charts on the two patents highlighted above reaching the products of six major automotive and location-platform vendors (available to prospective bidders under NDA via auction Data Room)

Offering / Auction Process

The auction will be facilitated independently by Innovative Auctions (IA) as a trusted intermediary bound by confidentiality. This will ensure that the identity of non-winning bidders will never be revealed to DT or to the winning bidder. Contractual terms will be set in advance, and only the purchase price will be determined in the auction. DT and the winner are then obligated to conclude the transaction based on the auction outcome.

The sales process will proceed along the following steps:

  1. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) – Prospective Bidders are required to execute an NDA in order to access the auction Data Room containing DT confidential materials (e.g., EoU charts, transaction agreements, auction instructions, etc.)

  2. Due diligence support – The EoU charts, transaction agreements and other confidential information provided by DT will be available via auction Data Room

  3. Patent Purchase Agreement (PPA) – Bidders will have the opportunity to review the PPA in advance of the auction date, only the price will be determined in the auction

  4. Bidding Deposit – Bidders will be required to submit a refundable bidding deposit

  5. Auction Rules – IA will set the auction date, and provide notice to Bidders in early Dec.; Current target is Dec. 10th, 5pm CET

  6. Closing – Mid-Dec. 2020; Expected within 1-3 days of the auction date, with final execution of relevant Agreements with DT (e.g., PPA)


For further information on the offering, please contact


This communication is for the sole purpose of sales discussions, neither legal opinions nor assertions.



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