ROI-21-0508: Vibration Sensor IP Licensing Opportunity

Vibration sensors play an integral role in any industry where machinery must be operating at optimal performance. Business performance can be affected not only when a machine breaks down, due to troubleshooting and repair downtime, but by not recognizing underperforming machines which cause production slow downs over a long period of time. Vibration sensors must be able to pick up machine intolerances with little interference and transmit this data for analysis.

An innovative technique for transducer design is thus available for licensing to not only reduce machine breakdowns but to detect underperforming machines. 

Broker listed companies and products of potenital interest: Augury, Dynapar, Fluke, HBK/B&K/Brüel & Kjær, KEMET, LORD Sensing Systems, and SpotSee.


More information available upon request and under NDA.  


Package data provided by Richardson Oliver Insights.

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