ROI-22-0265: Information Processing IP Portfolio Licensing Opportunity - 39 assets

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36 US issued patents, 2 US applications, and 1 international counterpart related to:

- Advertising based on user intention detection

- Assisting search with semantic context and automated search options

- Automated document topic discovery, browsable search and document categorization, job search, topic discovery in documents and content categorization

- Creating datasets representing words and objects

- Determining relevance between text contents, sentiment based on context, term importance, search relevance, and content summarization

- Discovering and presenting important contents in a document, information in a collection of text contents; Effectively managing message communications, presenting information

- Identifying and presenting sentiment information

- Information extraction, searching, tagging, organization, display, and structured representation of text data

- Intelligent messaging assistant based on content understanding and relevance

- Machine-learning of contextualized symbolic associations

- Organizing unstructured data objects

- Presenting information from unstructured data

- Processing fuzzy expressions in search engines and for information extraction

- Producing datasets for representing terms and objects based on automated learning from text contents

- Quantitative assessment of information in natural language contents and for determining relevance using association data, symbolic associations in natural language

- Ranking documents based on content characteristics

- Representing object and properties associations

- Rule-based sentiment analysis

- Searching documents based on conceptual association, objects and providing answers to queries using association data

- Text processing and automated topic discovery, content tagging, categorization, and search

- Text understanding and matching job and resume documents


Broker listed companies and products of potential interest: Bazaar voice, Power Reviews,  Yotpo,,, and more.

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