ROI-23-0134: Video Display Patent Portfolio IP Licensing Opportunity - 20 assets

*Licenses Signed*


***License Only***

20 US and foreign assets. The Portfolio has claims related to 2D Viewing, 3D Viewing and 3D Glasses. The patent portfolio is relevant to the LCD/LED TV display technologies of:

• BlackFrame Insertion - first introduced by the inventors

• LED Backlight Scanning - first introduced by the inventors

• LEDBacklight Blinking

• 3D displays and 3D glasses

Broker listed companies and products of potential interest: AsusTek, Acer, Apple, Facebook, Google, Hisense, Lenovo, Microsoft, Motorola Mobility, Panasonic, VIZIO, Philips, Roku, TTE, TCL, and Vizio. 

More information available upon request. 

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