ROI-19-0302 Arnouse Digital Devices Corp: Arnouse Digital Devices Corp - 11 assets

11 US patents across 5 families that relate to Biometric Authentication, Smart Card and Smart Card Readers.

The Biometric Authentication portfolio describes a method for secure access to devices, services and on-line communication using biometric authentication. The proposed method utilizes biometric identification via fingerprints, retina, vien, hand geometry and pulse for user authentication to provide secure services access to a real and valid user to avoid fraudulent activities.

The Smart Card portfolio describes a smart card solution and system for secure personal identification, information processing, precise point of contact location and timing. The system utilizes multifunctional smart cards to secure access of different services to a user in a more convenient way. Smart Card Read portfolio describes a dual sided smart card reader through which authorized parties can communicate with each-other in a more secure way through biometric authentication to identify valid and authorized users.

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