ROI-20-0750 Purple Deck Media Inc: Networked Computer System for Remote RFID Device Management and Tracking - 7 assets

2 US issued patents, 1 US application and 4 International counterparts (AU, CA, GB & WO) related to a method, for RFID device management and tracking and, more particularly, to a system and method for RFID device management and tracking including remote management and tracking over networks.


Broker listed companies and products of potential interest: Smartrac (Avery Dennison Corporation) - NFC Inlays and Tags, Apple Inc - NFC Tag-Reader App, Identiv Inc, NXP Semiconductors, TPG Reward, Kraft Heinz (Collaboratio) - Find the KRAFT Golden Singles, Unitag - NFC Solution, Stora Enso - Bobbin NFC label, TTAG Systems Corporation - NFC Solutions, GAO RFID Inc - Asset Tracking Software, IRRIS, Inc - E Sentry Connect, EZ Web Enterprises Inc - RFID Asset Tracking, and RFID4U - TagMatiks. 


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Contact info: Justin Ehrlickman, +1 (845)-558-7901,


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