ROI-21-0139 Vi-Ability LLC: Ready2Go - 1 asset

1 US issued patent related to an emergency preparation methods and emergency response methods, and related systems. Ready2Go™ is claimed to be the solution for preparing the nation as it accomplishes the ability to; Centralize all emergency communications from all levels of government; Send out geolocation specific information; Be used as an electronic billboard during non-urgent events; Interface with local 911 centers; and Provide location of individuals who mark themselves “not safe” during a disruption 

Broker listed companies and products of potential interest: Eaton Corporation Plc - ALERiTY Integrated MNS Solutions (Mass Notification), Everbridge, Inc. - Mass Notification with Incident Communications and Emergency Communication Software for Mass Notification, RAYVN - Critical Event Management, G&H International - VIISE SitRoom Cloud, RapidSOS - Emergency Response Data Platform, Rolta - Rolta GeoCAD, Alertus Technologies LLC - Alertus Mass Notification System,, Inc. - Geofencing for Marketing, Accenture, Honeywell International Inc., IBM, Johnson Controls, Lockheed Martin Corporation, NEC Corporation, Philips Electronics N.V., Siemens, Uber Technolgies, and many more. 

Note: The MOBILE APP “READY2GO” is also available for sale.


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