ROI-21-0546 Arjesil Inc: A Fumigant Pill - 2 assets

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1 US issued patent and 1 US application related to a fumigant pill which produces controlled smoke upon combustion and a method of making portable smoke tablets based on that composition.

Broker listed industries/sectors where these patents could be applied, including industries for cannabis, HEMP, agricultural, transport, livestock production, veterinary/pets, food, health, home/school/offices, and pyrotechnics.

A video of the product and technology capabilities can be viewed at:

Broker listed companies and products of potential interest: PIC Corporation - PIC® Mosquito Repelling Sticks, REGIN HVAC Products, Inc. - S102 45 SEC 150 CU FT Smoke Emitter 10 PK, Inspect USA, Inc. - Smoke Emitter White, 1200 Cubic Feet (S104) 3 Minute Burn 5 PACK, Octavius Hunt Limited - Cypermethrin Smoke Tablets, Superior Signal Company llc - 3C Smoke Candle (3 Minute), Bayer AG - Coopex Maxi Smoke Generators, and Fumi-Hogar S.A. - FumiCyp Insecticide Smoke, and many more.

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