Method for reclaiming a surface of a substrate

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Invention : Even though it is possible to obtain a recycled substrate that can be reused in the Smart Cut™ process using the reclaiming process described above, this process includes a double-sided polishing step, which has the major disadvantage that, during polishing, up to 10 μm (5 μm on each side of the substrate) must be removed to get rid of the protruding residual topography. Therefore, it is an object of the present disclosure to provide an improved reclaiming process that does not require the double-sided polishing step to reclaim the remainder of the donor substrate. 

Claim 1 : A method for reclaiming a surface of a substrate, wherein a surface comprises a protruding residual topography resulting from a layer transfer process, wherein the substrate comprises at least a layer of a first material, the method comprising the steps of: 
a) providing a silicon filling material only in the non-protruding areas of the surface of the substrate, and
b) polishing the surface,
wherein the filling material and the protruding residual topography are polished simultaneously during polishing step b), and
the protruding residual topography is completely removed during polishing step b).


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