Method for recycling a substrate


Available in CN, DE, FR, TW and US

Invention : In comparison to the prior art technique, this method treats the collar on the surface and uses the selective removal of the collar to obtain a plane surface. By the inventive method, the collar can be severed, preferably piecewise, from the semiconductor surface in a separate step so that the collar can be cut off locally, which provides a smooth surface over the entire substrate. Furthermore, only the material of the collar must be removed in the present method, resulting in a very low material removal. 
Therefore, the substrate can be more often reused and recycled. The separate severing of the collar leads further to a very low total thickness variation of the recycled substrate. Due to the reduced material removal, the recycled substrate can be used over more recycling steps with an acceptable thickness and is therefore more stable resulting in a reduced risk of breaking of the substrate. The severing of the collar leads to a shortened treating of the substrate which enhances the productivity of recycling. 
This method is particularly advantageous in recycling of substrates in which the interface material has been pre-weakened by an implantation step carried out before the separation step. With these substrates, the pre-weakened material can act as a predetermined breaking point at which the collar is removed from the surface. 

Claim 1 : A method for recycling a substrate, especially a wafer, said substrate having a profile with a surface and a collar, wherein an interface provided between said surface and said collar has been formed by a previous separation step, and said profile is further planarised for obtaining a plane surface, characterised in that the method comprises a severing of the collar from said surface at said interface in a separate step.




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