NEC Corporation

NEC’s research and development activities are closely linked to the company’s intellectual property and standardization strategies. The aim is to create an ongoing stream of innovation that supports current businesses and inspires future expansion.

NEC is at the forefront of research and development, creating innovative technologies to provide new value for society based on our seven themes of social value creation and three core values. Two of our focus areas are the fields of data science, where we are developing new technologies to create value through big data analysis, and platform technologies, which are essential to address the large-scale and complex issues surrounding social infrastructure – the core of our R&D vision. In the data science field, we are using new visualization technologies to obtain real-world information that will be used to analyse and forecast the future of complex and uncertain social structures. This will allow us to optimally and dynamically control entire social systems. In the platform field – the foundation of data science – we are developing unique technologies in the area of computing, networking and security to enable real-time, dynamic and remote social value creation.

We have research and development laboratories in North America, Europe, China, Singapore and Japan, and each site uses their regional advantages to implement cutting-edge R&D. NEC strives to create better value for society by closely collaborating with customers and partners across the globe.

The NEC Group owns approximately 65,000 Patents worldwide, including approximately 22,000 patents in Japan (as of March 2015). With intellectual property as its foundation for the Group’s business competitiveness and stability, NEC is working to strengthen its intellectual property capabilities.


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