Imaging of turbid media

Summary of IP/tech offering

One of the biggest challenges in optics is imaging through scattered turbid media.  It has important applications in various fields. Examples to such applications applications would include studying tissue either in vivo or in vitro. For instance, imaging of turbid media may be used in the medical examination of a female breast or brain tissue. It may also be used to study tissue of (lab) animals or study the content of a turbid volume in general. Further  field of application can be tissue spectroscopy and oxymetry. Optical imaging of turbid media involves aspects like detecting scattered light across a wide dynamic range and image reconstruction. The offered IP stretches across the aforementioned applications and aspects.


Invention history

The offered IP results from multi-year research regarding the imaging  of especially female breasts in order to search for possible tumors. However, the offered IP is not limited to this application and can in principle be used for other human or animal tissues or the study of turbid media in general. Philips would like to monetize the IP at this point due to different focus in commercialisation efforts. 


Company details