Text to Speech

High quality conversion of text into clear multi language speech signal without a large word content database which is especially suited for devices with a lower battery life such as toys, phones, etc

  • Best in class among embedded systems
  • Natural speech quality
  • Low footprint (e.g. ARM7)
  • Support for 11 languages
  • American English, British English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Turkish, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian / Portuguese

Key Features of text-to-speech

  • Voice personalization

    • speed, pitch, spectral shape, formant sharpening, ...
  • Voice conversion
    • male, female, child, dwarf, ...
  • Emotion control
    • speak friendly, angry, weepy, exited, whisper, …
  • Cross language speaker support
    • E.g. Italian person speaking German
  • External interfaces
    • “viseme” information for “talking face”
    • event outputs: marker, token, sentence
    • speech Synthesis Markup Language  (SSML) support

Status: Ready to be implemented


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