uWand direct pointing control for Smart TV and Smart Home

uWand is an intuitive camera based direct pointing and gesture control technology for Smart TV’s and Smart Home applications and gives users fluid and accurate direct control. uWand turns the remote control into an intuitive hybrid controller. It maintains the core, recreational, lean back experience while enabling new Smart TV and Smart Home use cases such as gaming, browsing online video and operating lamps, blinds etc.

Philips’ uWand technology, a complete firmware solution, incorporates two primary elements:

  • An infrared camera embedded in a remote control device that could have as few as three buttons
  • A reference point near or on the TV from which the camera can calculate its position

The concept is extremely simple:

The camera continuously monitors the remote’s position in relation to the target screen.

  • •The position co-ordinates (x, y, z and roll), together with button selections, are transmitted via a wireless link (Bluetooth, infrared or RF) from the remote to the target device
  • •The target device then makes the information available to the relevant application (e.g. TV EPG, game, picture library etc.)



  • MSO, TV manufactures, OTT manufacturers, SmartHome control manufacturers

 Value proposition: Simple and accurate direct point & click control with subtle gesture implemented in existing remote suited for more effective UI navigation, simple or advanced TV gaming (resulting in increase revenue) and simple and quick adjustments for Smart Home devices


Use cases: Navigation of TV UI, Operating SmartHome devices


More info www.uwand.com


Status: Ready to be implemented


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