Vital Signs Camera

Vital Signs Camera
Accurate contactless heart and breathing rate measurement

Remotely measuring the vital signs heart rate and breathing rate with a normal camera by sensing color changes of the skin and in- and decrease of the body (chest).

Philips Vital Signs Camera is a revolutionary technology that lets you measure heart and breathing rates simultaneously with a normal camera. The camera measures respiration by detecting the rise and fall of the chest and abdomen. Heart rate is determined by the tiny changes in skin color caused when blood is pumped through

blood vessels. There are no uncomfortable pads or electrodes to wear. And the measurements are completely unobtrusive, which is more convenient for the person and helps ensure reliable results.

Key benefits

Contactless and unobtrusive

  • Proven to be virtually 100% accurate
  • Simultaneous heart and breathing rate measurements with one camera
  • Capable of monitoring multiple people simultaneously
  • Robust to person movement (when supported with sufficient processing power)
  • Hygienic, no need for consumables or sensor cleaning
  • Long range

Target audience:  Mobile, Smart Home, Automotive,  Retail, Toys

Use cases: phone, car, stores, security, toys etc

More info www.vitalsignscamera .com


Status: Ready to be iplemented / R&D Phase


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