Process for manufacturing a composite structure

Available in CN, FR, JP, KR, RU, SG, US, EP

Invention :  The composite structure obtained allows creep of a useful layer, by executing a heat treatment, for example, so as to encapsulate the covering layer, in particular, at the single step. 

Claim 1 : A method for manufacturing a composite structure comprising, from its rear face toward its front face, a supporting substrate, a covering layer, at least one dielectric layer and a useful layer, the method comprising the following steps:
a) providing a donor substrate and the supporting substrate;
b) forming the dielectric layer such that the dielectric layer has a contour contained within a peripheral surface of the donor substrate, the dielectric layer comprising:
a first surface in contact with the donor substrate,
a second surface opposite to the first surface,
a peripheral surface connecting the first and second surfaces together;
c) forming the covering layer after forming the dielectric layer, the covering layer arranged so as to cover the second surface and the peripheral surface of the dielectric layer;
d) forming a weakened zone in the donor substrate delimiting the useful layer in contact with the first surface of the dielectric layer;
e) assembling the supporting substrate and the donor substrate such that the supporting substrate and the covering layer are in contact along a contact surface having a contour, and such that the contour of the dielectric layer fits within the contour of the contact surface; and
f) breaking the donor substrate along the weakened zone.


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