Optical Disc Protection patents

Rovi is offering for sale its patent portfolio related to “Optical Disc Protection”. This patent portfolio includes:

  • 49 granted US patents
  • Hundreds of international counterparts


Key technical characteristics include:

  • Allowing one to burn new CD (new CD having copy protection requirement)
  • Removing predetermined noise signals
  • Recording CD contents to hard drive
  • Playing of optical disc despite errors in certain payload/control data parts
  • Determining manufacturing errors associated with optical disc
  • Purposefully introducing an uncorrectable error pattern or spurious data onto disc
  • Instituting a copy prevention mode based upon user CD “burn” activity
  • Establishing different copyright protection mechanisms for various optical disc sectors


Exemplary patents of interest:

US 7,065,506

US 6,560,176

US 6,791,907

US 6,353,890

US 7,239,584

US 8,695,103

US 7,340,778

US 7,530,116