RZV (Rui Zhi Ventures Limited) is a leading patent brokerage firm based in Asia founded by Gustavo Aray in 2011. 

Consistently recognized as one of the world's leading patent brokers, RZV offers clients transaction services worldwide for the acquisition or monetization of patent assets. RZV’s success stories include buy-side broker transactions, sell-side transactions involving buyers in the US, Europe, and China, pool-participation transactions, third-party enforcement deals, some of which involve litigation financing, as well as IP-secured financing events. 

Previous to RZV, Gustavo was at Intel Corporation’s investment group, Intel Capital, where he co-founded and managed Intel's patent acquisition program. In that role, Gustavo oversaw the development and implementation of patent acquisition strategies to augment Intel's patent portfolio. Gustavo also developed and launched Intel Capital's portfolio company patent licensing program. 

Learn more about Gustavo and RZV at www.rzv-ip.com

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Gustavo Aray