ROI-22-0108 Cha Hu Lian, Inc.: Smart Tracker Portfolio - 2 assets

1 US issued patent and 1 CN issued patent related to smart trackers.

The patented claims in the portfolio protect a novel system and method for power-efficient bidirectional tracking between a tracked personal object and a wearable device. Further, to prevent loss, proactive alerts are generated if the distance between the tracked object and the wearable device exceeds a user-set distance.

Specifically, the inventions provide for the intelligent deployment of either Bluetooth or UWB in system that includes a wearable device (e.g., smart watch), a smart tracker, and a personal object with a tracking application (e.g., mobile phone). As per the claims, the distance between the wearable device and the tracked personal object is first measured using low-power Bluetooth where UWB ranging is delayed until the distance between the wearable and the tracked object exceeds certain parameters, thus ensuring both accurate positioning performance and improved battery life.

Broker listed companies and products of potential interest: Apple, Google (Fitbit), Chipolo, Inpixon, Kaltiot, Life360 (Tile), Orbit, Pebblebee, PROTAG, Samsung, Xiaomi, and XY Labs, among others.

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