ROI-22-0609 Lucid VR: Lucid VR - 9 assets

9 US issued patents related to synthetic image generation for machine learning systems from Lucid VR, the creator of the world’s first consumer 3D VR camera and one of the original developers of AI-based software systems designed to capture immersive experiences in VR. The company's inventions are broadly applicable across industries that utilize VR/AR imaging, including gaming, entertainment, education, autonomous machines, construction, and avionics/defense.

Broker listed companies that may have an interest: Adobe, Anyverse, Apple, Deep Vision Data, Google, IBM, L3Harris, MaxarTechnologies, Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Unity, among many others.

No encumbrances.


More information available upon request and under NDA. 

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Contact info: Gustavo Aray at [email protected].


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