ROI-22-0765 Stirworks Inc.: Intelligent Air Filter Monitoring - 1 asset

1 US issued patent related to wireless monitoring of air filters in order to address clogging and improve air quality, limit mold or bacteria colonies and prevent damage to HVAC systems.

The offered portfolio solves the problem of efficient air filter monitoring by disclosing a device that can attach to existing air filter products to accurately measure airflow degradation wherein changes in capacity over time will alert a user locally (through a visual/audio warning) and/or wirelessly through connected networks (text, email, etc.).

Broker listed buyers that may have an interest in the portfolio to include 3M, AKCP, Cleanalert, Donaldson, Dyson, Ecobee, Google (Nest), Honeywell, Lennox, LG Electronics, MAHLE International, Rheem, Samsung HVAC, Trane, and United Technologies (Carrier) among others.

No encumbrances.

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