*** SOLD **** ROI-21-0073 SRI International: Region-of-Interest Video Compression - 2 assets

*** SOLD ***

2 US issued patents covering inventions relating to the use of region-of-interest video compression to create a higher quality video image within the region-of-interest in comparison to the non-region-of-interest in a video frame or sequence of video frames. This methodology minimizes the degradation of video quality within the region-of-interest while allowing for a greater amount of compression to be applied to the non-region-of-interest portion of the video and conserving bandwidth to match the available communications network capacity.

This technology is relevant to the use of region-of-interest video compression with standard video encoders used in applications such as streaming video content (live or recorded) as well as video communications.

No encumbrances except for US government and one startup.

More package details are available upon request.


Package data provided by Richardson Oliver Insights.

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Archana Bhuta, (+1) 650 859 4099, archana.bhuta@sri.com

Peter Marcotullio, (+1) 650 859 5457, peter.marcotullio@sri.com


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