Blood and Fluid warmer

Medi-Temp Blood & Fluid Warmer effectively warms blood and fluids at flow rates from KVO (keep vein open) to 500 ml/min. Assists in the prevention of inadvertent hypothermia during surgery and other procedures requiring fluid administration.

Features & Benefits

--versatile, efficient temperature control for patient care, maintaining temperatures between 38°C and 43°C at flow rates of up to 500 ml/min

--efficiently warms fluids for low and high flow rates. A digital display of fluid temperature allows for easy monitoring.

--uses four sterile, disposable, non-pyrogenic, latex-free cassettes that provide effective, even heat.

--fits in the x-ray cassette slot of some OR tables and can be easily mounted to an IV pole stand. It is also sealed to protect components from IV drips.



US6901216 B2
Insertable fluid warming cassette unit

The present invention is directed to a fluid warming cassette. The cassette has two polymeric films and at least two guide rails. A difference between this fluid warming cassette and those of the prior art is that this fluid warming cassette has a tongue section thereon. This tongue section assists the user insert the cassette into a warming unit's aperture. That aperture is relatively narrow because the heating elements of the warming unit must be sufficiently close to the cassette to alter the temperature of the fluid in the cassette to a desired temperature. In addition, the user can confirm if the cassette is properly inserted into the warming device's aperture by seeing that the tongue portion is sticking out of the other end of the warming device's aperture.

US7164852 B2
Fluid reservoir with integrated heater

The present invention is directed to a fluid warming container (a.k.a., cassette) having an integrated heating element attached to the container, not the warming device as conventionally done. The heating element provides thermal energy to the fluid contained in the container. The fluid contained in the container is designed to be injected and/or delivered, eventually and normally immediately, into a patient.