Hydrogel Technology

Intellectual property portfolio covering hydrogels and methods of manufacture. Hydrogel implant technology originally developed for use as a nucleus replacement of intervertebral spinal discs. Hydrogel has extensive pre-clinical data. Multiple patents with claims directed to the hydrogel technology.  Potential opportunity to leverage IP into other clinical applications.


Advantages of technology/know-how

Forms a high strength hydrogel medical implant by causing it to gel by physically cross-linking the solution, which adjusts the equilibrium hydrogel crystallinity to ensure that the swelling pressure of the hydrogel remains stable. The surface of the hydrogel is then cross-linked and then rinsed and sterilized. A spinal implant for replacing the natural nucleus of the disc made from a polymer such as hydrogel having a radiopaque material located within the polymer. A method and apparatus for injecting an elastic spinal implant into a cavity in a spinal disc to treat disc degeneration. An elastic spinal nucleus prosthesis is very quickly inserted into the cavity through a small opening in the disc so that permanent deformation of the prosthesis is avoided.



Publication Number Title Number of Forward Citations PatentStrength Est. Expiration Date
US6783721 Method of making an ion treated hydrogel 20 91 2/24/2022
US8197547 Radiovisible hydrogel intervertebral disc nucleus 1 86 8/16/2026