ROI-21-0106 Ronald D. Sekura and Roscoe M. Moore: Topical Cannabis Treatments - 9 assets

3 US issued patents, 1 US application, and 5 international applications (AU, CA, CN, EP, WO) related to topical treatments incorporating Cannabis SP, and more specifically a topical formulation consisting of an extract of cannabis sativa or cannabis indica.

Broker listed companies and products of potential interest: Canopy Growth Corporation; Aurora Cannabis Inc.; Tikun Olam; Cannabis Science Inc.; Aphria Inc.; Maricann Group Inc.; Tilray Inc.; VIVO Cannabis Inc.; Medical Marijuana Inc.; Avon; Cronos Group Inc.; Terra Tech Corp., Medmen, CBD Healthcare Company, Irwin Naturals, Marijuana Company of America Inc., Tyson Holistic Holdings, Cronos Group Inc., and Ovation Science Inc.

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