For nearly 20 years, ICEBERG IP Group has been successfully advising its clients on how best to generate value from their patent portfolios & broader IP strategies. With our global reach, we have successfully closed hundreds of portfolio transactions & investments across the US, Europe and Asia.

As an intermediary & advisor, we provide the full range of services from IP acquisitions, sales and licensing through to strategic advisory, M&A and analytics. From identifying key assets right through to closing the deal, we deliver the right breadth and depth of expertise to the global IP industry.

As an investor, we acquire and monetize IP assets across a range of sectors. In addition, we partner with other patent owners to build stakeholder value through a variety of venturing and financing models.

We bring together professionals from all over the world with skillsets in IP transactions & licensing, finance, technical, legal and venturing. Our experience spans a broad array of sectors including telecoms, internet & computing, automotive, consumer electronics, banking and venture capital.

Our blend of expertise and experience ensures clients receive the highest quality of service. We bring the business, financial and technical acumen to deliver the results you need.

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John Green
+44 (0)207 887 6382

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