ROI-22-0347 Wisilica Inc.: Location-Aware IoT - 19 assets

19 US issued patents across 19 families related to early IoT networking and tracking technology, where the key patents are applicable to Hygiene Compliance; Personal Health Management; Remote Patient Monitoring; Smart Lighting; and Asset Tracking.

No encumbrances.

Broker listed companies and products of potential interest: SC Johnson, Stanley Healthcare, Apple, Fitbit, GOJO / Purell, Cooper Lighting, Vitalacy, Ecolab, Central, Biovigil, Vivify Health (Optum), Biofourmis, Datas-Health, Huma, Vital Tracer, VitalConnect,  Espressif, Tuya, Warehouse Lighting, Ingy, RedLore, and Momentaj.


More information available upon request and under NDA. 

Package data provided by Richardson Oliver Insights. 

Contact info: Alex Avstreykh at [email protected]


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